Although not a very well known city, Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece with 2300 years of history and with more than one million habitats. It is my hometown. An interesting point: It is consider to be the culinary capital of Greece! Ok, to be totally honest, Greece has a really interesting plurality concerning its cuisine. From Athens with the aroma of international influences and the Michelin stars restos (Funky gourmet, Spondi, Botrini’s, Varoulko and Hytra) to the traditional cuisine of Crete based on the Mediterranean diet. From the cosmopolitan party island of Myconos with all the new trends and fashions in food to the traditional cuisine of each small island, developed separately due to isolation by the sea. With all those choices, somebody could ask how come Thessaloniki can be considered as a culinary capital? To answer this question we have to take a look into Thessaloniki’s multicultural history. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks, French and Hebrews are only a few of the different cultures that left their heritage in Thessaloniki’s gastronomy. Even though Thessaloniki also got cought up in the trap of “touristy” Greek cuisine (with mousaka, souvlaki and tzatziki) during the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s, the “crisis” came. And in an environment with high unemployment and no budget for investments, new ideas really flourished. Young, innovative people with a great love of food and open minds, found solutions through personal hard work. Several restaurants based on innovation combined with traditional local products from all over Greece have opened the last five years. This has lifted the quality of Thessalonik’s restaurant scene a lot.

What can I say? You just entered a world of succulent happiness. Thessaloniki has a top-rated cuisine amongst Greeks, so if you are fans of the Greek cuisine in general, you have just reached its palace.

The cuisine here is a mixture of the cuisines of Asia Minor, the cuisines of Pontus, ancient Macedonia, Thrace and Eastern Thrace, Italy and all of the many cultures and migrants that have lived here throughout this city’s many years. Thessaloniki has always been cosmopolitan, and you will soon discover it, plus there is an almost 100% guarantee of eating amazingly, even in the smallest or dodgiest of taverns.

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