If someone wants to get to Saint Mamas beach there are two ways: either to continue south of Nea Moudania for 5.5 km and turn carefully on the left towards the coastline just a bit before Potidea or continue towards east from Nea Moudania’s intersection in order to meet after 3.5 km the village of Agios Mamas and come south towards the beach which is 2 km away. Everything depends on the point the visitor wants to reach in this beach of about 7 km long. It is a vast beach where someone can visit it on its full length, from Potidea till the stream of Vatounia or even reach Kalives, if they know the area. The whole road is dirt but in a relative good condition and can be visited by car. There are beach bars on the whole length of the beach but with a good distance among them. On certain parts there is some rough dining but not everywhere.