Nea Kallikratia is a relatively new town. It is located on the west coast of Central Chalkidiki.

The location of Nea Kallikratia is ideal for the people of Thessaloniki, being only 35km away it is used primarily as a weekend getaway with many city folks owning second homes or apartments for stays during the incredible summers.

With easy links to the airport (Makedonia, Thessaloniki) it is an ideal location for tourists mainly from the Balkans to come and spend their holidays.

The town of Nea Kallikratia was established in 1922 for refugees of Kallikratia, to the East of Trakia, (now Turkey). The area had been inhabited for many years prior and relics of the past and from the Greek epoch have been discovered here. As with most towns along the same coast they were all given the prefix Nea (New) to indicate that the names were taken from the original previous towns that were lost to Turkey during the troubles with the still disputed lands to the East, upon which the residents were displaced and forced to seek new homes when the original towns were occupied.